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SG Flight Planning Planner

Author: Jay Weiss

SG Flight Planning Planner
Simple Microsoft Excel-based tool to automate most calculations required for an aviation flight plan. Calculates bearings and distances from coordinates. Calculates wind correction angles. Calculates the various times, ground speeds, simple fuel consumptions. Creates a draft NAV log and rough-draft FAA flight-plan .

Makes flight planning easier. Not intended to be used without verification of results. To give you a better idea of how the product is used and what it does, this following is the procedure that you will utilize for this tool:

--Get a standard weather briefing. In the below steps, you will be basically upating areas enclosed in RED that have cells with YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER
--Create or load correct flight. See table of contents on right. USE BUTTONS ON TOP.
--Enter/update point names, coords, temps, alts, wind-dir, wind-vel, and info (if desired)
--Note: Leave NAV @ DEST. POINT blank
--Enter desired VOR stations for each segment in column J (separate with commas)
--Note: VOR's MUST BE ENTERED IN TABLE for NAV button to work.
--If you would like to remain at a point, enter stop over minutes at appropriate points
--Enter/update estimated date/time off, fuel capacity, gph, target cas
--Enter/update aircraft tail number, alt airports, destination airport, destination city
--Enter a description for this plan. Do not update the plan # use save or save as for that.
--Update NAV @ DEST. POINT info by pressing 'Calc "NAV @ DEST. POINTs"' button
--Update OTHER INFO (pilot's name, etc). Note: projected arrival time is calculated.
--Critical: Verify: "NAVDATA","NavSummary", "Navlog", "Flightplan" ALL MATCH
--Note: if the various sheets do not match each other, then DO NOT USE RESULTS
--Plot course on sectional
--Confirm points, bearings, distances, etc against SECTIONAL using standard techniques
--Note: if this tool produces navigation that that does not match navigation obtained by standard techniques, then DO NOT USE RESULTS !!!
--Save worksheet; then press SAVE button
--Print all (on legal paper), place all in binder in appropriate sections. File flight plan.

100% Excel Macro Source Code is included, but no support for the source code is offered.

Will store up to 50 of your flight plans !

Will remember up to 40 of your favorite VOR stations !

Will calculate the bearings and distances from your selected VORs to your selected points !


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