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jBrowser for Palm OS with WTLS

Author: Jataayu Software

jBrowser for Palm OS with WTLS Compliance: The jBrowser is fully compliant with the WAP 1.1 specification.Includes support for WMLScript

Connectionless and Connection-oriented mode of operation Images and tables are supported Support for WAP 1.2 Push, including push with notification

Bearer Support: It has ready support for UDP/IP bearer.

Compact: jBrowser is implemented in a very small footprint for both code as wellas data. Several customizable parameters allow size to be further controlled.

Portable Design and Code: The browser and stack is designed to be portableand can be ported on to other operating systems

Security: jBrowser supports WAP security with WTLS. The optional WTLScomponent allows jBrowser to be used for secure data transport. jBrowser alsosupports Class II authentication.

Certificates: jBrowser supports installation of certificates from PDA or overWAP. The browser supports the following certificate types.
WTLS Certificates

High Interoperability: The browser has been tested for interoperability withmany gateways including Jataayu, Nokia, Phone.Com, WAPLite, Kannel, CMG andothers.
Cache: Caching of compiled WML optimizes download time as well as reducescaching space requirements.
Support for History and Bookmarks: History of URLs accessed and userdefinable bookmarks allows easy navigation to required sites.
Multiple User-Selectable Profiles: Users can create multiple access profiles,each containing information about the gateway, port number and homepage.
Users can activate any desired profile from the list.

User Interface: jBrowser has a very intuitive toolbar for easy navigation andcontext sensitive online help for first time users to get started immediately.
Offline Browsing: jBrowser supports browsing in the offline mode which enables working in places with limited connectivityPlease Note: jBrowser for Palm OS does not provide support to connect to the Internet using Palm.Net. While using devices such as the Palm VIIx, i705 etc., please use an external modem on other modes of connectivity such as IR or Bluetooth, to connect to the Internet with the jBrowser ..

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