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HSLAB Modem Monitor Business

Author: Handy Software Lab

HSLAB Modem Monitor Business Modem Monitor is a program for monitoring a status and performance of the remote(or local) modem. The program is intended for using in networks, connectted to Internet through phone line(modem). Allows on workstations in the network to receive the information about status and performance of the modem connection, located on other machine. Designed in client - server distributed architecture . Server components are installed on the machine with dialup Networking, clients component(s) - on machines of the users of a local network. Serveris implemented as tray application.Modem Monitor allows you:

  • view remote modem connection status ("Connected", "Disconnected", e.t.c) in textual, sound and graphical representation;
  • view remote modem connection speed;
  • view remote modem name;
  • view remote modem connection performance (inbound, outbound, total speed and averages);
  • start up to eight custom programs on event based rules (events are two - when modem is connected and when disconnected);
  • terminate programs, which you start after modem was connected when connection will dropped;
  • terminate programs, which you start after modem was disconnected when connection will restored. Program's client part after starting was stay in tray and display modem status. For configuring program or view extended information(such as graphical data visualization) use mouse right click on program icon. ..

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