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Aframe Professional (Reseller Version)

Author: The Aframe.com

Aframe Professional (Reseller Version) Purchases Valid for Authorised Aframe Resellers OnlyTo become a reseller please contact reseller@aframe.com.auAframeProfessional is the most comprehensive and user-friendly educationalsoftware available to school and corporate educators today. TheAframe Professional edition expands on the Aframe Personal edition with featuresincluding comprehensive reporting. Create your own multimediatutorials to train your students or employees. Test users on theirknowledge, problem solving, comprehension and analytical skills.Feedback, various question types, Internet/intranet use, and emailingresults are just a few of the options you can choose from. The AframeProfessional suite of applications - Author, and the Aframe ProfessionalViewer - allow for complete organization of your online testing andtraining. ..

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