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ACD Gold Edition Jumbo Pack-CD Player + MP3 Educator + CD-ROM/DVD Tester - for Windows 95/98 only

Author: VAAP INC.

ACD Gold Edition Jumbo Pack-CD Player + MP3 Educator + CD-ROM/DVD Tester - for Windows 95/98 only The ACD Gold EditionAdvanced CD Player makes use of CDDA technique for playing audio CD's. TheACD Gold Edition Player requires a CD-ROM drive which is capable of CDDAthat can perform DAE at least at 2X speed. In addition, when you areconnected to the Internet (for instance to cddb.com), the Player can look upand retrieve the disc title, artist name and the track names for the CD youare playing. A Graphic Equalizer with frequencies band assignmentsespecially chosen to enhance your listening pleasure will give you theoptimum professional sound quality.The CD-ROM Performance Tester - CDDA Benchmark Program measures yourCD-ROM, DVD-ROM and system performances while playing audio CD's throughmeasuring Digital Audio Extraction (DAE). DAE is the method used to gatheraccess to audio data in an audio disc. The faster and more problem-free yourCD/DVD can read digital audio, the more reliable the program which makes useof DAE, will be. The program measures the speed of the DAE and the CPU usageduring this operation. Many low end to middle performance computers areaffected by DAE that it is almost impossible to perform other tasks on thecomputer during DAE operations. Also if the system's CPU is slow, thequality of the digital audio can be adversely affected by "drop outs".The Mp3 EducatorT is a tool to collect, organize and normalize your many Mp3files. These files might originally have been recorded at different volumelevels.The Mp3 EducatorT helps you to normalize the Mp3 files. This meansthat the volume of the MP3 files will be brought to the same peak level sothere is no need to constantly change the soundcard mixer settings orplayer's volume control when you want to listen to different MP3 files.The program can also helps you rename the files once they are re-encoded.Many people encode their Mp3 files from CD, Tapes, LP or other sources,using file names such as "Track01.mp3", "Track02.mp3", etc. If you have suchfiles, and they have an ID3 tag that stores the album name, tracktitle,performer etc., Mp3 EducatorT can use the ID3 tag information andrename the file the way you want it. It is an excellent utility to keep yourMp3 files in order and to play them without unnecessary interruptions! ..

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