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Dj MP3 Full Media V4.2

Author: Dj MP3 Media

Dj MP3 Full Media V4.2 a playlist maker for Winamp, Nad, Unreal Player, and Sonique that features drag-and-drop capabilities. ..

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Dj MP3 is a playlist maker for Winamp, Nad, Unreal Player, and Sonique that features drag-and-drop capabilities. The interface can be customized via an enhanced HTML editor that allows you to specify the background and foreground colors and title, and via a selector that allows you to choose buttons
Navigation between MP3 files and the playlist is simplified by an enhanced ID3 tag editor. A recursive directory-addition option can add all MP3 files in a current directory and its subdirectories to a playlist, and files that no longer exist can be removed automatically. Other features include a meter for gauging CPU usage, the ability to save multiple playlists, and a Play All Favorite Playlists option.

Brand New Interface to maximize the view of your playlist and at the same time be more user friendly.?br>
:: The ID3 Editor now has smart suggestions, Auto Save, and Update All Playlists.?br>:: The Preview Window has the ability to preview audio, video, and images.?br>:: The Winamp remote control is now integrated in the main window, and now has the ability to seek.?br>:: Many Bug Fixes.?br>:: New Media Selection Screen makes it easier to add Media CDs.?br>:: Match to Time will select your media files to a specified time.?br>:: You can now copy or move media files from one folder to another and Dj MP3 Media will update links in your?br>saved playlists.?br>:: Automatically re-sizes the Columns of the Playlist.?br>:: 30% Faster Startup.?br>:: You have the ability to filter words.?br>:: Many Bug Fixes.?br>:: Fixes crash when you close the application, fixes m3u playlist import function, and many more bug fixes.?br>:: New Office XP like GUI.


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