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BestAddress HTML Editor 2003

Author: Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.

BestAddress HTML Editor 2003 Create your Web sites with the BestAddress 2003 HTML editor. Features include syntax colouring, code checking, a syntax assistant with auto-completion, FTP functionality, an image map editor, insert fu ... ..

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BestAddressTM HTML Editor 2003 Second EditionBestAddress 2003 Second Edition is a full-featured HTML editor that gives you all the tools you need to develop professional websites with maximum efficiency from start to finish.
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Huge range of functions
  • Minimal system resource usage
  • Suitable for home, business, educational and software/Web developer use!
  • Free updates via Online Updater.
  • Download a free evaluation version and experience the power of BestAddress 2003 Second Edition yourself!Get Started Quickly
    Templates and a code library help you to accomplish your tasks with maximum efficiency.Easy Coding
    Whether you are completely new to creating websites or an experienced professional, writing your code is always easy with BestAddress 2003 Second Edition. Syntax colour-coding, code checking and code auto-completion functions help you to quickly create and understand your code. Help is always at hand with comprehensive tutorials and integrated code references for HTML 4.01 and CSS2.Everything You Need from Start to Finish
    From the very first line of code you write to when you publish your website on the Internet, the features you need are always at hand. You can even open and save documents directly to the Internet. Full FTP functionality is also provided with the inclusion of DigitalAccess.Easily manage even the largest website with Site Projects. These make it easy for you to manage all your files. Graphical site mapping provides you with a quick overview of how your entire website is structured.Comprehensive Help and Support
    Online help contains a comprehensive user guide, 14 tutorial chapters on website development and integrated language references for HTML 4.01 and CSS2. If you still need more help, free technical and website development support is also available from Multimedia Australia.Minimum System Requirements
  • PC with a 100MHz or higher processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95 or later operating system
  • 16 MB of RAM for Windows® 95 or later (32 MB recommended)
  • Hard disk space required for download: 4.6 MB
  • Hard disk space required for installation: 10 MB
  • VGA or higher-resolution monitor; Super VGA recommended
  • Internet connection recommended
  • Windows® compatible pointing device
  • Create your Web sites with the BestAddress 2003 HTML editor. Features include syntax colouring, code checking, a syntax assistant with auto-completion, FTP functionality, an image map editor, insert functions for the 24 most common HTML elements, templates and Site Projects to help you manage the development process.The accompanying online help contains comprehensive instructions on using BestAddress 2003, tutorial chapters and full coding references for HTML 4.01 and CSS2.Product updates can be downloaded and installed for free using the Online Updater.


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