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Voice Messenger Force (for the Pocket PC)

Author: Ruksun Software Technologies

Voice Messenger Force (for the Pocket PC) Voice Messenger Force uses the MSN Messenger protocol for core Instant Messaging and Presence functionality. The MSN Messenger Service tells you when your family and friends are online so that you can send instant text and voice messages to them in real time. Voice Messenger Force for Windows powered Pocket PCs allows users to be notified when their contacts come online so that they can communicate with them via short text messages as well as enter into voice communication.With the new Voice Chat users can now send and receive voice messages to and from their online buddies on other Pocket PC devices and the desktop.'Scribble' feature allows users to also send drawings and sketches as instant messages, adding a new dimension to instant messaging. This version additionally includes support for GPRS, Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11) and Ethernet cards.Features:-

  • Authenticated User Logon - Users log in using their unique Hotmail, MSN or Passport ID.
  • Presence information - Users are notified of the presence status of their contacts, when they log-in to the service.
  • Contact List management - Users can choose who they are interested in by adding or deleting buddies from the contact list.
  • Privacy Management - Users can control their privacy by changing their online status to Busy, Away From Computer, Out To Lunch, On The Phone, Be Right Back and Invisible modes.
  • Messages and notifications - If a buddy sends a message or changes status, the user receives asynchronous notifications.
  • Access permissions - Users can configure their access permissions, to restrict the ability of other users to view their online status and send them instant messages.
  • Text messaging - Users can send lightweight text messages to their online contacts.
  • Scribble messaging - Users can send drawings/sketches to all participants in the conversation.
  • Voice messaging Users can send voice messages to their online buddies on other Pocket PC devices as well as the desktop, in a peer-to-peer fashion.
  • Multiple participant conversation - Users can invite multiple buddies to join a conversation. Text and scribble messages can be exchanged in a multiple participant conversation.
  • Connectivity - Supports Ethernet, Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11) card and GPRS connections.
  • Firewall support - Includes SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 support to connect through firewalls. ..

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