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Neonix Java News Ticker - Mac

Author: Neonix.net, LLC

Neonix Java News Ticker - Mac Neonix Java News Ticker is a Java Applet text scroller that uses Dreamweaver to control all aspects of the applet, from the text items that scroll onto the applet to size, color, speed and so on. The features of this extension are:

  • Easily insert the applet into any page
  • Set applet height and width
  • Control the applet's background color and border color
  • Specify the text to be scrolled onto the applet
  • Easily re-arrange the order of the different text items
  • Set the color of the text
  • Set the rollover color of the text
  • Control how the distance between the text and the edge of the applet
  • Control the speed at which the text scrolls onto the applet
  • Control the number of seconds between each scrolling eventVisit http://www.neonix.net to read more about this and our other cool (sometimes free) products! ..

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