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CodeMapper Pro v3.0

Author: Orbitech Ltd.

CodeMapper Pro v3.0 Find all of OrbiTech software solutions in one complete package!

CodeMapper Pro is a professional software pack consisted of four separate software tools:
- ASAPstart (scheme design tool)
- Protivia (C/C++ multi-file code editor)
- CodeMapper (C/C++ source code documentation tool)
- LadyAnt (Document Management and Test OrganizationTool)

At a much lower price than the four individual products cost by one installation by purchasing CodeMapper Pro you will have the full set of all OrbiTech tools gathered in one. CodeMapper Pro will provide you with a total assistance in the following stages of your development work:

Project plannig phase - Discover the advantages of ASAPstart!
Code writing process - Easily edit and color your C/C++ source code with Protivia!
Source code documenting - Finalize your development work by using CodeMapper!
Document management and testing - Optimize your work by using LadyAnt!

OrbiTech’s flagship CodeMapper is the perfect solution for software professionals in documenting their C/C++ source code as well as in managing their projects.

CodeMapper fits the way you work, expands your productivity and speeds your project up. To obtain high quality documentation, developers don’t need to add any special comments in their source code. CodeMapper v2.0 supports export to MS Word, HTML, RTF and bitmap!

Protivia is fully functional C/C++ multi-file editor designed for software developers, who do not have an IDE. Protivia is a very useful tool for software professionals writing in C/C++ programs for different processors or operating systems and using WindowsTM as a development environment. Protivia allows them to run a external compiler, link and start their software project by one mouse click.

OrbiTech development tool ASAPstart is a specialized system for complete software architecture/ scheme/presentation design during the project-planning phase. ASAPstart provides a built-in multi-functional graphical editor with rich image library. Smart connectors, helpful grids, grouping of objects and live diagrams facilitate the project navigation. Use of the special pictures and animated images included guarantees the proffesional look of your project documentation and presentation.

By using LadyAnt you can easily organize, automate and simplify the Document Management and Test Organization within your company. Multi-user access and user rights associated with the documentation of a project are easy to be organized. LadyAnt ensures up to date content of each document. It provides detailed history of document changes, support of different types of documents and possibilities for organizations with distributed work force to organize and control the document flow over a LAN or/and the Internet.

LadyAnt Project Scheduler is included as a separate application in LadyAnt. At no additional charge you can create a detailed implementation timetable of the current project.

All OrbiTech products are available for free evaluation within 30 days at: www.orbisg.com/products/downloads.shtml ! ..

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