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Author: Blue Squirrel

WebSeeker Whether you're looking for news, travel information, sport scores, books, scrapbooking items, music, home improvement tips, cars, clip art, software, genealogy, etc. WebSeeker makes searching the Web simpler, and gives you optimum search results.

  • Saves time -WebSeeker tracks where you've browsed, and monitors the Web for new information.
  • Saves money - WebSeeker finds the best deals, speeds up searches, selects out the junk, removes duplicates, and trashes unreachable pages.
  • One-click searching - while you're browsing simply select words, and right-click to search with WebSeeker.
  • Highlights keywords on search results page for easy navigation.
  • Eliminates the need to hit the "Next page" or "more results" buttons returned by search engines.
  • Target key resources for better results. I.e., software, education, health, legal, News, music, kids, and other categories.
  • Schedule automatic, unattended searches, and e-mail results to yourself, family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Your purchase comes with a 30-day Money back guarantee. ..

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