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ShellRun Use ShellRun to start your CD or DVD professionally.ShellRun neatly AutoRuns your chosen file as soon as your CD is insertedinto a Windows computer, while displaying a splash window or fully configurable popup window.ShellRun can request that Windows starts any type of file.For an HTML web page, ShellRun will start the user's default browser to display the page.For a PDFВ file, Adobeвў Acrobat Reader will be started, if it is available.You can use any BMP image as the splash window shown at startup.Alternatively, use a popup window, either small in the top-left of the screen or maximisedto fill the screen. The popup window can contain a BMP image of your choosing.The text and clickable URL shown in the window are configurable as well.If a suitable viewer is not available for your type of file, then ShellRun shows aconfigurable warning message and prompts for the installation of a viewer.If you are allowed, put an installation program on your CD which can be run fromShellRun by clicking on the Install Viewer button. Alternatively, you can link to the viewer web site.ShellRun can also check that other viewers are present in a user's system. Suppose that you start with a web page, but also use PDF content. ShellRun can check for up to 10 other viewers, and suggest that they be installed.To use ShellRun you must write a plain text file AUTORUN.INF. All configuration of the retail version of ShellRun is done in a similar text file named ShRun.INF which must be put in your CD root directory alongside AUTORUN.INF,the ShellRun runtime and your start-up images.ShellRun also includes a Viewer Browser program which can be used to determinewhether a viewer is available on your computer, and the viewer executable filenameand version number.ShellRun runs in Windows systems only. Even here, a user may have AutoRun switched off, so always provide instructionsfor starting your CD manually. ..

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ImTOO DVD Ripper

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