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Marlia Learning ESL Package 1

Author: The Aframe.com

Marlia Learning ESL Package 1 The ESL packages from Marlia Learning are the best way to introduce teachers and students of ESL to the benefits of online testing and training.

Utilizing the full capabilities of the Aframe's multimedia capacity, these tests allow teachers to provide great learning experiences, with little effort of their own. Also, all students who are interested in learning English as a second language can quickly and at their own pace move through each of the modules and test themselves on their knowledge of English.

Marlia learning gives expression to several critical strands in modern ESL theory and practices. It incorporates the idea of Mastery Learning, giving students the chance to retest to their optimum performance level. It also uses the idea of 'defined benefit' in that it sets the parameters for performance.

The packages also includes comprehensive documentation for teachers and students such as vocabulary lists and lesson outlines, which can be printed out for use in more traditional classrooms. ..

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