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Author: Shamsher Singh

EZnet EZnet is a Multi-utilitySoftware suite with powerful features to supplement Microsoft & NetscapeBrowsers, and is designed to manage,optimize & customise Internet surfingfor family & colleagues.Features:

  • Multi User set-up with access control. Personal Favorites & Book Marksexclusive to each user - with Last Visited date & clip-on Memo(Notepad) -Common favorites folders for IE & Netscape - Portable to other computers.
  • Chain Dialer & Auto Log in - Multi ISP & Multi City PhoneBook. Keepspasswords encrypted & safe. Keeps redialing from the selected PhoneList tilla connection is established. Notifies the user with a call-bell.
  • Time Keeper - Connect time accounting - by user & by ISP.
  • Multi Fetch - Fetches any number of web sites together and opens as manybrowser copies in a cascade formation. User programmable for dailyFetch-On-Connect.
  • Records UserID & Password for access controlled sites & Email accounts -with Auto Fetch & Fill Mode fetch facilities, automating the Log in process.
  • Offline cache (text only). Selected sites are automatically updated once aday (on first connect of the day) and can be viewed off-line.
  • NetSpeed - boosts Internet data transfer speed by providing user interfacefor TCP/IP parameters. Simple settings to almost double the speed.Each of the following Web Content Controls can be applied selectively fordifferant users.
  • Filter - blocks undesirable sites. User programmable for offensivekeywords on any subject.
  • Limiter - Restricts surfing to a Supervisor defined Site-Plan.
  • Monitor - Reports user activity to the Supervisor. Includes sitesvisited/blocked, searches made/blocked, and other software used whileconnected. ..

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