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Author: Aldo Vargas

AgentReader Agent Reader is an Advanced Personal Assistant with Macro, Pop-up Killer,Text-to-Speech and many productivy functions not provided by Windows.

Agent Reader bilingual text-to-speech reader supports more than 28 languagesthat can be used with virtually any Windows application (like Netscape, MSIE,MS Word, Outlook, messengers & chat, etc.). Just copy a text to the clipboardand listen to the Agent avatar read.

More than 15 additional productivity features included:
- ADS/POPUP KILLER: Pop-up window advertising remover.
- MACRO RECORDER: Keyboard Macro recorder with an advance macro editor with scripting support.
- QUICK NOTES: QuickNotes let you make to-do lists and reminders, even execute applications at specific time.
- TRANSLATE TEXT: Automatic translation of clipboard content (using babel.altavista.com).
- WINDOWS ON TOP: Set any window application always visible, so they are not overlapped by other windows.
- AUTO JPG CONVERTER: Automatically converts bitmaps in the clipboard to JPEG files.
- AUTO FREE MEMORY: Auto free memory ensures you have enough physical RAM available to keep your programs running smoothly.
- AUTO PING: Keep your internet connection alive performing "ping" to a list of servers in a predefined interval.
- TIME REMINDER: Reminds time every half hour.
- ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD: Type using the mouse.
- SCREEN MAGNIFIER: Zoom any area of the screen, freeze, print. Great for presentations, teachers, etc
- MULTI-TEXT CLIPBOARD: Keep up to 10 text clipboards. Use Ctrl+Number to select clipboard and Alt+Number to auto-paste.
- INTERNET MOUSE: Convert any standard mouse in an Internet mouse. Scroll up/down, go back/forward in web pages with a small movement of the mouse.Close any window by just pressing Left+Right mouse button.
- SPELLER/THESAURUS: Integrates any application with MS Word, letting spell check any text and find synonyms from in the program.
- SPEEDUP PROCESSES: Unveil all tasks and hidden windows in your computer and speed up games by changing their process priority in Windows.
- QUICK SEARCH: Search easily the web within a customizable list of search sites.
- QUICK LAUNCHER: Quick Launcher bar with auto complete for easy access to frequent accessed folders, programs and URL addresses.
- QUOTES: Says random quotes/jokes/reminders at specified time intervals.

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