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Author: Novosoft Inc.

WAPT WAPT is a load and stress testing tool for web sites and intranet applications with web interface. Accurate load simulation, run-time test data generation, recording and play back of secure HTTPS reque ... ..

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Accurate Real User Simulation
WAPT provides accurate simulation of web server load created by real users. Each virtual user participating in the test is independent from other ones. It can have its own cookies, data and all other parameters. WAPT provides proxy header substitution to emulate activity of multiple users coming from different computers.

Dynamic Test Data Generation
WAPT has excellent abilities of run-time test data generation. The values of request parameters and URIs can be calculated in a number of ways. They can even be determined by server response to the previous request.

Recording and Playback of HTTPS/SSL Pages
WAPT supports all security features related to HTTPS/SSL. You can both record and play back requests to secure content. Testing of sites protected with basic authorization is also supported.

Flexible Test Volume & Load Definition
You can specify how to change the number of virtual users and other parameters during the test. You can set WAPT to perform multiple iterations of test sequence and multiple test runs. You can specify the duration of test or the number of hits to perform. You can also limit the load level to a fixed number of hits per second.

Clear Reports and Graphs

Test results are represented by descriptive graphs and text reports to give you all the detailed information about web site performance in specified load conditions. Text reports are saved in Microsoft Excel compatible format.

Full Log of Virtual Users Activities

WAPT creates complete log of virtual users activities for each test, including all requests and server responses.

Intuitive user-friendly interface

You can get familiar with basic WAPT features and start using it in a few minutes after the installation. Test creation is very simple and based on recording your own actions while you browse a web site in the Microsoft Internet Explorer. When you finish recording you can edit the recorded sequence to fully adjust it to the needs of your test.

Other Features

. Adjustable delays ("think times") between requests to simulate real user behavior.
. Ability to test multiple web servers simultaneously.
. Support of redirects, including redirects to another server.
. Support of HTTP proxies.


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