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The Business Card Book

Author: The Right Stuff of Tahoe, Incorporated

The Business Card Book
A perfect complement to RightCardWareвў, this beautifully crafted HTML version of Lynella Grant's masterpiece is your definitive guide to maximizing the effectiveness of your business card. From presentation basics down to the fine points of color and spacing, count on "The Business Card Book" as your authoritative reference. Whether you're a small business owner, or a public relations specialist at a Fortune company, "The Business Card Book" is for you!Your business card is expected to locate customers like a heat-seeking missile, then impress the dickens out of them so they hurry on down and deposit their money in your hands. At the same time, it acts as a combination of a brochure, advertisement, billboard, and calling card. Not a small achievement for a little scrap of paper.Your business card is your stand-in when you arenвЂt present - the handshake you leave behind. ItвЂs often all that people have to remember you by. In order to create an effective business card for yourself, you have to do a lot of other things right. "The Business Card Book" takes you through the process of getting there with style.Your copy of "The Business Card Book" will be a fully linked, HTML mini-website that beautifully taps contemporary online technology. Just unzip the file you download into a folder or directory, and start browsing at the title page. Not only do you save shipping and handling, but you can print any portion of the book you like, when you like!Dan S. Kennedy, author of "How to Succeed in Business by Breaking all the Rules", writes this endorsement: "Devoting an entire book to the subject of business cards may well strike you as odd. Yet the very first thing almost everybody does when they go into business is get business cards. I wonder how many millions of dollars are spent each year on these little paper rectangles - with no thought given to making them effective, making them earn their keep. Here's a fascinating book about a taken-for-granted part of commerce."Tom Hopkins, author of "How to Master the Art of Selling", observes, "Your card should be your ambassador, representing the quality and type of service you give to your clients. It should be creative, provide valuable information, and be handled with the same respect you give those who receive it."Get a competitive edge. Get "The Business Card Book".


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