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SPAD VII 1/32 scale SPA65 DCM

Author: Wings of Horus Paper Warbirds

SPAD VII 1/32 scale SPA65 DCM Wings of Horus are proud to present this model of the SPAD VII form Digital Card models.
The Spad VII was first introduced in 1916 as a replacement for the earlier Nieuport . The Spad VII was outclassed in turns by the Fokker DR1 but marginally outperformed the Albatross D.Va in speed and roll rate. Powered by a 150 HP Hispano-Suiza engine it was fast, only slightly slower than the Bristol F2b, cruising at 119 mph in level flight. Its performance however was bought at a price, with only one .303 Vickers machine gun, it was under gunned. The two bay constructions of the wing and rugged fuselage allowed the aircraft to be Stretched well beyond its original design specifications. This culminated in the Spad XIII, a larger, more powerful and more heavily armed warbird.
Over 6000 "Sevens" had been built by the end of WWI. ..

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