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PlexLotto: An international Lottery Application

Author: PlexObject Solutions, Inc.

PlexLotto: An international Lottery Application PlexLotto is a cross-plattform Lottery program that supports most US, Canadian European and Asian lotteries. Top reasons to buy PlexLotto It supports all major US, Canadians and Europeans lotteries.
It includes detailed lottery rules and information about who to contact upon winning the lottery.
It works on all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OSX.
It automatically downloads databases for previously drawn lottery numbers. These numbers are cached for one day, so if the user runs the PlexLotto multiple times during a day, it will only download numbers once.
It allows users to browse or search previous winning numbers.
It allows users to create tickets by specifying user-input, random numbers, abbreviated/full wheeling and smart drawing. Smart drawing identifies hot and cold numbers and allows users to pick numbers that have higher probability of occurring.
It comes with a number of statistical tools such as number frequencies, pair frequencies, triplet frequencies, follow pair frequencies, follow triplet frequencies, hits, skips, odd-even, low-high, consecutive, sum-of-digits, last number, sum of numbers, range of numbers, decades, dozens, clustering, etc. It shows these statistics in table and graphical chart format for easy viewing and understanding.
It comes with filtering tools such as odd/even, low/high, range, sum last-draw, last-digit, sum, consecutive, must include, must exclude, etc. User can the statistics to create these filters. When PlexLotto draws lottery numbers, it uses these filters and automatically reject numbers when any of the filters reject them. For example, let's say user looks at statistics and finds that sum of most of winning lottery numbers is between 100 and 200. So any lottery numbers whose sum is below 100 or above 200 will be rejected.
It allows users to archive their drawing numbers in a file and it automatically checks those numbers against winning numbers and highlights winning numbers. So user can easily learn if he/she has won the lottery. It uses 'Java Web Start (TM)' technology to install and launch software. This allows automatic upgrades to any new features for the rest of your life.For more information visit http://www.plexobject.com/software/plexlotto/index.html ..

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