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Personal Document Organizer

Author: Insoft Technologies, Inc.

Personal Document Organizer Document organizer for SOHO/Knowledge worker/Home user to organize, manage and locate any document, file (mp3/wav, photographs, emails, etc.) on any media. Also manage web links, notes, reminders, todos, paper documents and more, using a cabinet/folder paradigm.

  • Assign keywords to catagorize, descriptions, annotate, archive, migrate, restore, publish, manage file versions, compress/decompress files, search multiple databases using multiple criteria.
  • Drag/drop files from explorer & autocreate folders to map explorer heirarchy in the Organizer.
  • Compress, encrypt individual files, double click/open in explorer or organizer to auto decrypt/decompress & open files.
  • Register & Locate a file regardless of the media, whether on CDs, Zip disks, Hard disks, netwoked drives, etc.
  • Opening a file not on any device prompts you to load the correct media (Vol Name and Label) or to restore a version of the document.
  • Use quicklinks for fast access to frequently used documents, notes etc.
  • Scan directories to find unregistered or modified files.
  • Add description to archived(copy)/migrated(move) files to create versions, locate each version and restore any version. Move/copy files to offline media.
  • Use Organizers capabilties to create work folders, queues and lists of documents for backup, migrate, archive, burn to CD etc.
  • Make references in a folder to items in other folders.
  • Associate docs from reminders/todos.
  • Use annotations to add comments or additional information to any file, note etc.
  • Use reporting facilities to print reports.
  • Password protected database and database encryption keeps all notes, descriptions, annotations, etc. private.
  • Use reminders and todos for weekly meetings, project deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Use the Organizer to track paper documents and other items in a physical file cabinet, closet, etc. as you would any digital asset.
  • Publish files, notes, photographs, etc. for distribution, archival, etc. ..

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