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Mr Dj Music Studio

Author: Mc D Software

Mr Dj Music Studio Mr DJ Music Studio is a new program that hopes to make music easy. This program was developed to make playing,managing and making music easier than ever. Its the complete all in in 1 MP3 Music Program. Its a Music Library,CD Ripper/Encoder (Supports Wav and MP3 CD Ripping). and dont have to be a DJ to use it, but you might feel like one by the time you have used it!4 Applications for the Price of One:Thats right, when you download MRDJ Music Studio you get not 1 but 4 applications! What you get;MRDJ Music Studio
the Best All-in-one Music program you can buy. MRDJ PlayListAgent:
Runs in the system tray of windows and provides easy access to playlists and files you have created. You can also load any of the favourite files you have marked via the pop up menu. Lyrics Editor:
With lyrics editor you can create, edit and find lyrics for any song on your computer. Search the internet for Lyrics for your favourite music files. Sound Board:
A small application where you can set up a lot of mp3 or wav files to be played at the click of a button, ideal for spoof phone. Download the Arnie soundfiles and you can pretend to be arnie when u ring someone.Ideal for storing all your Mp3 Files in One place. If you store your Mp3 Files in many drivers/folders you'll find this program fantastic use. Have you ever gone to the trouble to organize your Mp3 files only to find out that you cant edit them all at once? Well now you can, in the easiest most user friendly way.Features:Create play and save playlists at the click of a button.
View your music collection as you view your files in Windows Explorer.
Encode Audio Cd's to Mp3 in seconds
Organise your music by Artist,Album,Track,Year,Genre,Rating,Playcount and favourites.
Copy,move,delete and create shortcuts of your music files
Easy to use User Interface ..

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