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Lomax Boulders 2- Sea of Diamonds

Author: Lomax Software / Voeing

Lomax Boulders 2- Sea of Diamonds Logan Maxwell is back! He successfully solved the first fifty deadly caverns of his first adventure, but there are already 50 new caverns waiting for him in his new adventure, Lomax Boulders II - Sea of Diamonds. The game features fantastic sound effects, 256 color graphics, parallax smooth scrolling! Only YOU can help Logan Maxwell to solve his new, exciting adventure! System Requirements:

  • High speed PC (386+ required).
  • VGA vesa-compatible graphics card.
  • 640kb (480kb free memory). Supported sound cards:
  • Sound Blaster 1.0 and 2.0.
  • Sound Blaster Pro I and II.
  • Sound Blaster 16.
  • All 100% compatible. ..

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