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HT Video Editor 6.0

Author: Honest Technology International

HT Video Editor 6.0 honestech's HT Video Editor 6.0 is a powerful video editing software that helps you to create a professional quality videos from your personal videos, digital images and audio files.
To dispel any worries about using a complicated software, HT Video Editor 6.0 has adopted a user-friendly interface. And a number of highly useful features have been selected to ensure that first-time users will not lose their way in a sea of buttons.
Using its built-in compression engine, HT Video Editor 6.0 can save the edited video as a small, yet high-quality, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video file. It can also compress and save AVI (compressed AVI file), DV-AVI, and Windows Media Video (WMV) files.
With HT Video Editor 6.0, you can manage and edit multiple files simultaneously. For each video file, you can select from Full Rendering, Smart Rendering, and Fast GOP (Group of Pictures) encoding methods.
HT Video Editor 6.0 lets you output text over the video and insert music files into the video.
Title, Transition, Special Effects, and Overlay features have been added for easier and more convenient editing operations.
A Timeline that combines drag-and-drop editing style and easy-to-understand editing features has been added.
Features1. Adding and editing files has been made easier with a drag-and-drop capability.
2. Merging video files has been made easier with the cut and merge facility.
3. The Edit Title function has been added so that users can easily add titles to videos.
4. You can experience various filter effects by using the Special Effects function.
5. The Overlay function has been added so that you can create various effects.
6. With the addition of Timeline, editing has got easier.
7. A Project function has been added. You can save the current job as a Project so that you can easily recall and continue the job you were working on.
8. The videos you recorded with your camcorder can be sent to a PC and converted to digital format for lifetime preservation.

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