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Hoover the Mischievous Mutt

Author: Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc.

Hoover the Mischievous Mutt This animated screensaver utilizes cutting edge PowerPlug technology to automatically update itself with new episodes of this screensaver which stars Hoover - a dog who has an affinity for trouble. Hoover is just like any dog. He likes to bark and play and wag his tail. But he also likes to eat things he shouldn't. And play with things he shouldn't. And get into trouble. If there were a picture in the dictionary next to the word mischief, it would be Hoover's. Whether he's eating hot peppers or playing in the bath, Hoover inevitably gets into a mess. And you've never laughed so hard at a dog's misfortune!

Unlike most other screen savers, Hoover is an episodic screensaver that grows with time. Using our proprietary new PowerPlugTM technology, you can automatically get hilarious new episodes of Hoover's high jinks via the Internet, to extend your screensaver. This one-of-a-kind technology gives you the ultimate control of the screensaver. Several options allow you to decide how and when additional animations are downloaded and added to your screensaver.

Additionally, Hoover episodes can play in two backgrounds - both inside the house and outside in the yard. Pay attention to the time of year! Hoover will change based not only on the seasons but holidays as well. Watch as the episodes change in celebration of these milestones. ..

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