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Guitar Chord Buster

Author: Virtual World Software

Guitar Chord Buster Guitar Chord Buster Pro is a guitar in a computer, enabling you to set-up and play any chord and pick sequence that may be played on a real guitar. It has the World's largest chord Encyclopaedia - Choose from 302,314 chords (up to 5 fret finger spread) / 140,255 (up to 4 fret spread) in standard tuning. All possible chords also available in 43 non-standard tunings plus your own custom tunings.
See the strings being picked - hear the correct sound - slow down playback to suit your level. Use the Chord Filter to find the simplest possible chords for your ability.
Compose guitar accompaniments. Input chord and pick sequences for any song. Use the Scale Selector to provide the right chords for your song.
Export Chord Buster sequences in MIDI format. ..

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