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FatzBomb Worldwide's Bonus Tetris plus Fusetris 3

Author: FatzBomb Worldwide

FatzBomb Worldwide's Bonus Tetris plus Fusetris 3 That's right, we've taken the original Tetris and made it even better, new games, new modes, great graphics, superb sounds, and even a play by play announcer we affectionately call FatzBomb.And if that wasn't enough, we not only included the all time original classic game of Tetris but also created a brand new game for hours of fun and enjoyment, Fusetris. So what is so special about this fantastic new and enhanced version?In version 3.0, we have altered, added and updated over 15 of the backgrounds, created all new graphics for the entire game, performed a complete re-write of the software for better compatibility and speed, Added several new music selections, more sounds, Enhanced a smart configuration technology, loaded it with cool new special effects, Altered Type C into a continuous challenge, taken advantage of all DirectX features available and more... The list goes on and on...Though we have changed many of the visuals of this great game, we have kept the gameplay in tact. Thus, everything you loved about version 2.0 is still here and kickin', just with a major attitude!The Original Classic, Tetris! We all know this one, arrange falling blocks and try to form complete lines on your playfield. Hours of endless fun.All New Bonus Tetris!Ok, we all love the original, but now we added 5 new pieces and 4 additional BONUS PIECES, including the bomb, the earthquake, the column clear and the line clear... each piece having up to two different actions each. Deciding on how to use them will be the true test of your skills and abilities...The Remarkable New FuseTris!Last but not least, we have "FuseTris". All the pieces from Bonus Tetris will fall along to the bottom of the screen, each one embedded with a fuse. Connect each fuse to a bomb and set it off with a detonator to clear the playfield off. But be careful, each time you set off a bomb, rocks come'a crumblin' down...NOTE: Please be sure which version of Bonus Tetris you are registering and select it below. If it is version 3.0 or later, you will NOT require a software code, however, for versions prior to 3.0 you will need a software code from the registration pop-up of the program or you will need to download version 3.0 from http://www.fatzbomb.comVersion 2.0 and prior have Black Menu backgroundsVersion 3.0 and later have Blue Menu backgrounds ..

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