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Author: Barnstormer Software

Directory Catalog Directory Catalog is a powerful utility for system administrators and other advanced users wantingto keep track of, and analyze, file and system changes. These changes can occur for a variety ofreasons including normal software use and upgrades, or more menacing realities of modern computinglike virus' and Trojan horses. Directory Catalog keeps a "snapshot" database, or Catalog, of allfiles in a directory, or multiple directories. Within each database, information is contained foreach file that existed at the time the database was generated. This information includes standardfile date, time, and size data, but much more importantly it can contain a "Digital Signature" ofthe file and, for binary files, Version Information encoded by the vendor. Any change to any aspectof a file will be detected by Directory Catalog and displayed for your analysis. It simply is notpossible for something to change and not be detected. Of course, Directory Catalog also picks upon missing and new files, in addition to changes. Digital Signatures are generated using theRSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm code developed by RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5,or Message Digest 5, is a powerful, fast, and extremely hard to crack code base for generatingdigital signatures for files, or any arbitrary length of data. This code is used in DirectoryCatalog, but it copyright and owned by RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 is discussed in detail inInternet Request For Comments (RFC) 1321 available at http://www.internic.net/. ..

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