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Delta Globe for pocket pc

Author: Delta Software

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Being a businessman, every place is like home for you. You are everywhere all the time. You have to know everything about the place you are in. You 'll have to plan your day from dawn to dusk. But hold your horses, youll have to know when dawn and dusk are first? You will be making phone calls all the time. Your business associates depend on you even when you are not there. Quick dial will make you dial the right number every time. No need to worry about silly details like international magic codes, which tend to be different every time you check them. In addition, you will be able to tell if it's day or night out there using either the day/night plot or the time calculator. Delta Globe is as close to you as your wallet. Even closer, since when you lose it, our guide will tell you what numbers to call to report lost or stolen credit cards. You are ready for everything. All what remains now is the thing you hate most about traveling. Yes, its shopping!!! But relax; Delta Globe helps you there too. International sizes conversion chart lets you get the right sizes every time. You only have to do the picking, as no one and nothing is as tasteful as you, not even our guide. But wait again, how much does this shirt cost in my own currency. The currency converter will sure help you know. Everything is done now, no effort. Just as you are feeling home sick, and you want to know how far you are from home. Someone tells you, but not in the right units. Guess what you will know now using the units converter provided. What if you don't find anybody to tell you? No problem, the distance calculator will tell you. Finally, you are going back home, you can easily tell how long your flight will take since Delta Globe calculates this for you also!Delta Globe gives you the answer to all your travel questions in the palm of your hand and for any location on the globe. It provides 10 different tools bundled together in a single application. It is your perfect companion whether you stay home or you travel to the other end of the world. Along with its great functionality, you can choose the colors you like for the background, text and titles, making it very customizable and user-friendly.Delta Globe is also available for pocket pc 2002! ..

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