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Data Paint

Author: Man Machine Interface, Inc

Data Paint Data Paint is spin-off of graduate research project that was sponsored by government agencies. The current version utilizes GUI (Graphical User Interface) language to link charts, graphs and statistical information about selected groups of data. For each graph and statistics windows, there is a corresponding handle. Using these handles, the charts can interact with each other by way of painting the data. The user can generate as many handles as desired and have them linked according to the information desired. The link between the handles can be changed at any time throughout the program. The user can also partition data in a group of linked graphs and apply the coloring scheme to a different set of linked graphs. Data Paint is designed to read data from an ASCII data file with tab or space as delimiters. The limitation on the size of data is based on your computer memory and the CPU speed. Data Paint currently runs under Windows 95/98/NT 4.0. This program is designed to be very user friendly and allows for complex analysis to be carried out by observing how various graphs interact with each other. Data Paint has received 4 stars by Children's software review. ..

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