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AxelCD 2.17

Author: Dmitry Sychov

AxelCD 2.17 is an attractive, free replacement for the default CD player that comes loaded with the Windows9x/Me/NT/2000 Operating System. ..

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Sometimes it's just good ol' plain fun to obtain something you don't really need. Such is the case with AxelCD. Sure, the default Windows CD player is adequate. Stick in a CD and...well...it plays. You can jump to the next track, repeat a track, and maybe a couple of other tricks. However, like that boy/girl with the nice personality who sat next to you in geometry--it ain't much of a looker.
Enter AxelCD. It's tiny with a pretty face. In addition to the usual features (e.g., time elapsed/time left, pause, repeat, next track, random play, etc.), AxelCD presents numbered buttons for each track on your CD. This makes it easy to jump to a favorite song. You can also minimize the program to the tray, keep the player "on top" of all other windows, automatically connect to the author's web site and click on a button to open/close your CDRom drawer.However, it's some of the little touches that makes AxelCD unique. When you hold your cursor over a button, it gradually glows like an ember in a fire. Also, as shown above, the program options and other miscellaneous information are superimposed in translucent fashion over the program's interface. Although program operation is pretty intuitive, a Help file is included.

User comments:

I would like to just say that this is one of the nicest program that I have ever seen. I am very impressed with it. It is fast, and has a very excelent interface. I love the touch sensitive and click sensitive interface. It is layed out nice, and is a just all out wonderfull program.
Bradley W. Claghorn JrThis is just a letter to say thank you for an absoulutly fantastic product. Keep up the great work.
JamesThanks for an excellent player! The slickest I've ever seen.
RobertCongratulations on a almost perfect application.?The AxelCD program is a brilliant idea that looks like it has be applied just right.
Shaun Bartlett

..the little use of your program i have so far
gotten from it is great (? - if that makes sense :P)


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