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Advanced ZIP Password Recovery

Author: ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

Advanced ZIP Password Recovery A program for recovering lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP/PKZip/WinZip archives. Supports the customizable ..

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A program for recovering lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP/PKZip/WinZip archives. Supports the customizable "brute-force" attack, effectively optimized for speed (up to ten million passwords per second on modern CPUs); dictionary-based attack, and very fast and effective known-plaintext attack. All ZIP versions and compression methods are supported. Multilanguage interface is provided.
  • The program has a convenient user interface
  • The program is very fast: on 1GHz CPU, it tests about fifteen million passwords per second (or about a billion passwords per minute) -- according to independent reviewers and experts, the fastest ZIP cracker in the world!
  • Very fast and effective known plaintext attack is available
  • The program can work with archives containing only one encrypted file
  • ZIP files created by various software packages (including PKZIP 1.x) are supported
  • All compression methods (storing, imploding, shrinking, inflating) are supported
  • Self-extracting archives are supported
  • The program is customizable: you can set the password length (or length range), the character set to be used to generate the passwords, and a lot of other options
  • You can select the custom character set for brute-force attack (non-English characters are supported)
  • Dictionary-based attack is available
  • The "brute-force with mask" attack is available
  • No special virtual memory requirements
  • You can interrupt the program at any time, and resume from the same point later
  • The program can work in the background, using the CPU only when it is in idle state

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